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2018 Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the 2018 12 South Farmers Market! We are so excited for our 8th year in Sevier Park. The neighborhood continues to grow and so shall the number of weekly shoppers. We anticipate the 2018 season to be the best yet!

New in 2016, we brought our vendor application online and in 2018 we continue to enhance our application process to better serve our shoppers. Our goal is to know more about our vendors, what they are growing, making, and planning on bringing to the Market each week. We want to be able to answer shopper’s questions quickly and accurately. We also want to make sure we offer a wide variety of high quality products for our shoppers to enjoy!

Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Vendor Contact Information:

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Online Profiles:

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Payments & Fees:

NEW THIS YEAR: Vendors will be required to pay a $15 application fee due immediately in order to be considered for the 2018 12SFM season. Checks should be made out to 12 South Farmers Market LLC and mailed to P.O.Box 121916 Nashville, TN 37212. Vendors will receive a confirmation email when the application fee has been received.

NEW THIS YEAR: Vendors wishing to secure a Full season spot will be required to pre-pay the base booth fee of $15 x 27 weeks, $405. Visiting Vendors will be required to pre-pay the base booth fee of $15 X 6 weeks, $90, and seasonal vendors will be required to pre-pay the $15 base fee X an estimate of season weeks, total TBD. Pre-payments are non-refundable for any reason, including bad weather or vendor vacations. Pre-payments will only be refunded if the 12SFM cancels a market.

12SFM will collect additional fees based on daily sales. We begin with sales of $201-$300 will be $5, and so on with an increase of $5 to the fee per increase $100 in sales. For example, if you sell $616 worth of goods your additional fee will be $25. This is the same rate as previous years however this year we are requiring pre-payment of the base fee. Pre-payments are due as soon as vendor applications are approved.

These additional fees will be collected at the end of each Market day at the Market Information Booth. Vendors who leave before paying their fees will be fined $15 each occurrence. The fine must be paid, along with the fees owed, before the start of the next 12SFM or the vendor will not be allowed to participate.

Per the 12SFM Vendor Rules & Regulations; all vendors are required to give their Market Manager 24-hours notice if they are unable to attend that week’s market. There will be no refund of the pre-paid base fee.

12SFM vendors who do not show up, give no notice and do not contact the Market Manager within 24 hours of the no-show will be fined $15. This fine must be paid to the 12SFM Manager before the start of the next 12SFM or the vendor will not be allowed to participate.


We work with 3 different tokens at 12SFM. Shoppers needing Market “cash” to purchase items from vendors who do not accept credit cards can come to the Market information booth. We accept MC, Visa & Discover cards. For a small fee we can swipe their card in exchange for Market tokens. These tokens come in dominations of $5 and can be accepted by all 12SFM vendors as cash. Change can be given.

The 2nd token we use is the SNAP token. SNAP is the State of TN food stamp program. Shoppers bring their SNAP cards to the Market information booth, the cards are swiped and we exchange our $1 SNAP black token. These tokens can only be used to purchase items packaged and intended for consumption at home. Food trucks, for example, cannot accept SNAP tokens as the items purchased are intend for immediate consumption. No change can be given when these tokens are used.

Finally, we hope to continue to offer the Piedmont Natural Gas Double SNAP program at the 12SFM. When a shopper using a SNAP card swipes for tokens we can double that amount up to $20 dollars. This shopper can only swipe for Double SNAP once per day. These PNG tokens, with green lettering, are only to be used for the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables. Vendors allowed to accept these tokens will be notified by Market staff.

Tokens should be turned in weekly with vendor fees to Market Information Booth at the end of each market day. Vendor will receive a reimbursement check for Market tokens once a month, the 1st Tuesday of the following month.

Supporting Documents:

Once accepted as a 12SFM vendor, some or all of the following documents will be necessary to complete your application:

  • Limited Liability Insurance
  • Farm Certification Documents
  • Health Department Certification
  • Food Manufacturing Permit
  • Shared Commercial Kitchen Agreement

Market Agreement:

I have read the 12SFM application and the Rules & Regulations. If accepted into this Market, I hereby agree to abide by the policies presented in both documents. Further, I agree to sell at 12SFM only those items listed in the Market Application unless an additional request is granted by the 12SFM at a later date. I also acknowledge those products must be of my own production or produced at the location described in the Market Application. I acknowledge full responsibility for all my activities in the Market (and for those assisting me) throughout the term of this season's Market (May 1-Oct 30). I acknowledge the authority of the Market Manager to immediately settle any disputes regarding product legitimacy, procedural and vendor conduct violations, and impose any penalties, including possible suspension or removal from the Market, subject to appeal under the procedures set forth in the Rules & Regulations. I agree to allow the Market Manager and/or your County Extension Agent at any time to inspect the premises where the products offered for sale are produced. Failure to allow an inspection will constitute a violation of the Rules & Regulations. I understand that 12SFM does not carry any insurance policies to cover individual participants and that I am required to carry such insurance.